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How to maintain a series of curing heating oven (drying stove)

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How to maintain a series of curing heating oven(drying stove

(1) familiarity with the location and function of equipment parts should be familiar before commissioning.

(2) when handling and installing, please pay attention not to collide, so as not to affect the appearance and function of the equipment.

(3) equipment should be installed indoors, and rain or sunlight should not be allowed.

(4) the power supply in the equipment distribution box is AC380V. Please cut off the power supply and repair it by professionals. You can't open the electric control centre box at random, so as to avoid the danger of electric shock.   

(5) the exhaust port at the top of the device can be connected to a temperature resisting hose with a diameter of 100mm, and the exhaust gas is discharged to the outside.

(6) the inside and outside of the powder coating curing oven should be kept clean. If the power is shut down for a long time, the power shall be cut off, and blister paper or soft paper will be used for packaging. 






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