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How to test the performance of an electrostatic powder coating machine

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In order to cover up the defects of their own products, the manufacturers of electrostatic spray machines are trying to find the most easily sprayed workpiece to demonstrate the effect of electrostatic spraying when they try the machine to the customers (especially the customers who have just contacted the electrostatic spraying). After the users buy back, they will find it in the real production practice and buy it back. The equipment used is very awkward, far less than the effect of factory demonstration when buying. In this case, we can find a hard spray to spray the factory, and the performance of the equipment can be seen at a glance (the performance gap between different manufacturers and different types of electrostatic spray machines may be far beyond your imagination!).

The so-called hard-to-spray work pieces are many dead parts, which are prone to static shielding effect. When the work is sprayed on these types of work pieces, the equipment with poor performance will be completely exposed: the bottom of the corner of the sprayed workpiece will not be powdered. Or the powder that goes up is hard-packed (not electrostatically adsorbed) and blows off gently.

After careful observation and recommendation of some senior customers, it was found that several kinds of workpieces are very difficult to spray:

  1. A small strip of type C with narrow crevices: Use our equipment to spray and spray the inner surface completely within one shot, including 5 faces and 4 corners of the inner surface (without return gun), and the outer surface is almost completely covered (including the back!) , And most electrostatic spray machines, even if sprayed with a hundred guns, it is difficult to spray the internal corner! -- The gap is so big!

  2. similar to the structure of the cable tray, the inner surface of the six corners, using Hanna's equipment to spray, only one back and forth will be able to completely spray its internal six corners, and the general spray gun or some bad corner spray , Or need to repeatedly refill a lot of guns can barely spray, the work efficiency is very different.

  3. the cylinder of the motorcycle, the surface of the cylinder consists of fins very close and deep gaps (the spacing between the fins is about 7-10 mm, the gap depth is about 15-30 mm), adjacent The bottom of the slit between the two heat sinks will make it very difficult to dust due to the strong electrostatic shielding effect and the air flow caused by the special shape. The performance of a good electrostatic sprayer requires only a few strokes to lighten the powder. Will be evenly adsorbed on the entire surface including the bottom of the slit; the electrostatic sprayer with slightly poorer performance can hardly spray the powder to the bottom of the slit even if it is repeatedly sprayed many times; but for the general performance of the electrostatic sprayer Speaking of this cylinder workpiece can not be engaged in electrostatic spray!

  4. A radiator that is very difficult to spray, the distance between the steel plates (slit width) is 10mm, the slit depth is 300mm, and four parallel seamless steel tubes are strung together (a typical electrostatic shielding structure is formed). The internal coating of the seam is completely covered and the surface is smooth. This product has been difficult to incur many expensive imported electrostatic spray machines (electrostatic powder spray guns). The radiator manufacturer abandoned the original thought that it could work but the result could not be sprayed. The expensive foreign brands, and the use of our company's multi-functional built-in electrostatic spray machine, to achieve this kind of radiator electrostatic spraying mass production.

If you do not understand the performance of the electrostatic sprayer you want to buy, just ask for a demonstration of the workpiece.

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