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How to treat the core value of Hanna Technology

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The automated spray line has amplified people's vision of the spray industry, speeded up the production process, improved the deficiencies in the spray process, improved work efficiency, and even subverted the spray industry's perception of spray equipment. However, some aspects are difficult to replace. For example, in the spray equipment market where the market is seized, the design standards are different, the production materials are different, the manufacturing technology is different, the installation arrangements are different, and the after-sales service is different, which has caused many customers to Non-standard device customization is not trusted.


    Since its establishment in 1995, Hanna Technology has formed a well-designed and well-made assembly line operation, from the selection of high-quality production materials to the strength of equipment in production: Han's laser cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, new CNC lathe, bending machine, etc. From the custom-made production of excellence to the perfect installation and use of the site; from the professional warm heart after-sales service to the guidance of the website and the public number technical exchange, no matter how the technology changes, people's pursuit of automated spraying lines and meticulous service is unchanged. . Hanna Technology has always been a company based on service and technology, dedicated to providing customers with professional custom coating line solutions: on-site inspection design, customer requirements, high-quality raw materials, professional production technology, and in service Specialized, practical, customized, and experiential, it is easy to establish better interpersonal relationships with customers so that customers can understand the equipment and the operations in use. This is also the core competitiveness of Hanna Technology based on the industry. Of course, in the increasingly fierce industry competition, Hanna Technology also puts forward higher requirements. The learning and innovation ability of production technology, professional service ability, self-growth ability, and communication ability with customers will help each “hanna”. People" win the future.

Hanna Technology, specializing in the production of powder coating equipment, to help you improve quality and increase production. A cooperation, a permanent friend. Welcome to contact us!

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