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Improve Powder Recovery Rate

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     Powder coating paint dust spill is its normal state, good equipment is expensive, the design is reasonable, the safety margin is large, the dust is not serious; the cheap equipment is almost no design, plus maintenance can not keep up, spare parts Recycling is not timely, the use of powder particle size and material is not good, catching up with production progress, and then encountering high temperature and high humidity, etc., the recovery effect is more and more unsatisfactory, can not bear to witness.

After the powder comes out of the spray gun, there are the following types: the paint that is adsorbed onto the workpiece becomes effective, falls to the bottom of the spray booth, becomes the platform to recover the powder, is recycled to the filter, and is recycled by the shock or recycled by cyclone. It is directly discharged by the ultimate filter interception, discharge or primary recovery, and falls from the spray booth opening to the workplace.

     According to this situation, Hanna Technology can improve the recycling system, achieve more efficient and clean coating, greatly improve the recovery rate of powder coatings, reasonable price and high cost performance.

     1. The main recycling methods for powder coating include filter cartridge recovery and cyclone recovery.

     2, online continuous automatic detection of the permeability of each filter element, such as air flow rate, the management of the equipment will rise to the level of digitization, the recycling effect can be expressed by numbers.

     3. The variable frequency fan can be used to adjust the recovery air volume within a certain range, which not only meets the requirements of reducing noise, but also meets the requirements of recycling capacity.

     4. The frequency conversion recovery system can increase or decrease the air volume according to the recycling effect, so that the powder coating production has certain maneuverability. When the production volume is small or the amount of powder spray is small, the air volume of the fan can be reduced, and the energy saving effect is obtained.

     5. The powder room with the bottom purging device can transport the overspray powder in time to be used in the powder bucket, so that the amount of powder required for spraying is extremely small, and the powder can be utilized in time. Quality problems occur and the amount of waste powder produced is greatly reduced.

     6, increase the filtration area and improve the filtration accuracy. Under the premise of ensuring a specific negative pressure in the spray booth, the powder filtered through the final filter is made less. For this purpose, it is considered to use sufficient spray area ceiling or wall to design a space for powder filtration and sedimentation, while the filter material can contain more powder, and the slow flow rate facilitates the filtration of the powder and separation from the air.

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