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Is the powder coating of the electrostatic spray equipment precautions harmful to the human body?

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Recently, I have often seen people asking me about the harm of thermosetting powder coating on the Internet. Today, Hanna Technology tells us whether thermosetting powder coatings are poisonous? First of all, it is clear that thermosetting powders are environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic, and the benefits of thermosetting powders in spray equipment have the following benefits.

powder coating powder

1. The thermosetting powder is non-toxic, free of solvents and volatile and toxic substances. Therefore, there is no pollution, no fire, no three-waste discharge and other pollution problems, which fully meet the requirements of the National Environmental Protection Law.

2. The utilization rate of raw materials is high, and the oversprayed powder can be recycled and utilized, and the utilization rate is over 99.9%.

3. After pre-treatment of the coated object, one-time construction, without the need of primer, can obtain a coating film with sufficient thickness, easy to achieve automatic operation, high production efficiency, and can reduce cost.

4. The coating is dense, the adhesion, impact strength and toughness are good, the corner coverage is high, and it has excellent chemical corrosion resistance and electrical insulation performance.

5, powder coating storage, transportation is safe and convenient.

powder coating powder

Hanna Technology reminds everyone that in theelectrostatic spray construction, as long as the electrostatic spray line is used strictly according to the operating procedures, its safety performance is good, although it is a new type of environmentally friendly paint, but due to the special type of powder, it is in use. It is still necessary to take protective measures to avoid inhaling dust and causing harm to the body.

The above is Hanna Technology's knowledge about thermosetting powders in electrostatic spray equipment. For more details, please contact us.

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