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Manual Spraying with Small Circulation Spray Chain and Two Door Opening Box Curing Oven

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The influence of the size of the spray product,The size and configuration of the spraying equipment will also be adjusted accordingly.

When the size of the product is longer,The manual spraying with small circulation spray chain and two door opening box curing oven is your best chooses.

In this spraying method,a closed"small circulation spray chain" is collocated in the dual position spray chamber. After the workpiece is suspended to the spray chain, the spray chain is automatically run with the spray chain. When the spray chamber is used at a uniform speed, the spraying of a manual spray gun is carried out by two sprays and then manually transferred to the box type curing furnace. Its spraying capability is close to the "semi-automatic spraying line", but the equipment investment and equipment occupation area is much smaller.

The typical example is the spraying of aluminum alloy profiles, the length of the profile is 6 meters. If the general manual spraying is used, the movement of the workpiece in the spraying is very inconvenient, the output is not going, and the line suitable for the spraying of aluminum profiles must have a considerable length (section profile) or height (profile vertical), equipment investment, floor area. The energy consumption is very large, while the small circulation spraying chain and the box type curing furnace with both ends open can reduce the investment quota and space of the equipment, and get close to the "semi-automatic spraying line" spraying capability.

The components of the device are:

1) electrostatic spray machine (2 hand gun)

2) double position room (containing powder recovery system)

4) small cycle spray chain (stepless speed regulation, according to different workpiece selection of different spray chain type)

3) box type curing furnace with both ends open (with suitable heating system, finished by curing oven).

Advantages: the participation of the "small circulation spray chain" and the dual position spraying method makes the spraying efficiency greatly improved and the spraying quality is easier to control than the manual spraying. After the personnel are well collocated, the spray coating can be obtained near the semi-automatic spraying line.

Disadvantages: it is not suitable for small batch spraying of special-shaped workpieces. Too few batches will cause high energy consumption per unit, resulting in high cost of spraying.

I hope that the article will help you.

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