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Metal Powder Coated Line

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Will your metal products rust because of ultraviolet radiation or temperature or wet air?Give the metal a layer of protection!Powder coating is the best protective film for metal products.

Does the powder on the surface of the iron door fall off easily?It may be that your iron door is the pretreatment is not clean enough or used with a bad powder or a bad powder coating device.

HeBei Hanna Technology CO.,LTD is a leading supplier in the area of Electrostatic Automatic Powder Coating Line with a worldwide presence.Our company has been producing Automatic Powder Coating Equipment since 1990.One of the china's largest Automatic Powder Coating Equipment Manufacturing Plant.From Simple Hand Coating through to Fully Automated Powder Coating,  Hanna Powder Coating Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd offers solutions that meet the high demands and requirements to meet the needs and requirements of customers around the world.Different level Automatic Powder Coating System are available for you to choose according to your product and you budget.

We are committed to manufacturing Aluminium Window Frames Powder Coating Line,Aluminium Powder Coating Machine,Metal Cabinets Powder Coated Line,Sheet Metal Powder Coating System,Steel Storage Rack Powder Coating Line,Vertical Powder Coating Line,Steel Screen Spray Powder Coating System,Metal Door Frame Powder Coating Booth Equipment,Heavy Painting Powder Coating Line,even Small Workpiece Powder Coating Line.Our Electrostatic Powder Coating Technology is very mature.You don't have to worry about the powder coating of your metal products if you use our powder spraying equipment and the powder is used in normal use.

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