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Parts of the manufacturer of the painting line

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The first coating equipment of the manufacturer is an important link in the surface manufacturing process of the engineering machinery. The quality of antirust and anticorrosive spraying is one of the most important aspects of the overall quality of the products. The appearance quality of the product not only reflects the protective and decorative properties of the product, but also is an important factor in the value of the product. The spraying equipment assembly line is the most important part of the whole powder coating line.

The main equipment for spraying is divided into three parts: pretreatment equipment, painting equipment, curing oven and curing equipment, mechanized conveying equipment, dust-free constant temperature and constant humidity air supply equipment and other subsidiary equipment.

We all know that a high quality powder coating equipment to create a line down, need to go through a set of work flow, first first of all we want to know the needs of customers, and then carries on the analysis from a professional point of view, for customers to design a set of feasible plans, after passing through the user's identity, according to the final the plan of production, customer acceptance. The following new moon painting will give you a brief introduction to the process of creating a spray line.

The seven components of the spraying line include: pretreatment equipment, powder spraying system, spray painting equipment, oven, heat source system, electric control system, suspension conveyor chain and so on.

1., before spraying, the disposal equipment is mainly composed of tank body, tank liquid heating system, ventilation system, tank liquid mixing system, phosphating and slag removal system, oil-water separation system and so on.

2. paint equipment: room body, paint mist filter equipment, water supply system, ventilation system, lighting equipment.

3. drying equipment: room body, heating system, wind pipe, air filter, air heater, fan, wind curtain system, temperature control system and so on.

4., mechanized transport equipment: it plays an organizational coordination role in all painting production lines, such as air transport and stacking transporter on the ground and so on.

Hanna painting production line, export more than 50 countries, more than 1200 successful cases. The self developed powder fast recovery system has a powder recovery rate of 98.9% and a color changing time of 15min. The control of the upper and lower temperature difference in the European standard furnace is within 5 degrees C, and the coating is not chromatic aberration.


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