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Powder Coating Preparation For Surface Cleaning and Treatment

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Preparing for powder coating has many requirements depending on your powder coating application. If the part to be powder coated was prepainted or has rust, then need typically treat the surface to remove all the previous applied coatings or the rust that has formed.


If work with original metal without the contaminants or if to clean the surface with sandblasting, then will have to clear away oils and the contaminant prior to applying the powder. Many options are available to clean away oils and grease prior to applying the powder, including the solvent wiping, the pressure washing, the dipping or automatic washing of the surface. Among the options automatic washing is usually the well suited way for high production. Solvent wiping is the typical way for small projects and pressure washing is a good way for smaller projects while dipping can mainly meet needs in between. After removing grease and the contaminant from surface, the final stage that is often be done prior to applying the powder including etching, phosphating, or the other more modern option named zirconium non-phosphate pretreatment.


Etching uses the chemical material that cuts the surface with the acid which allows for improving adhesion of the powder, which is especailly helpful with the slippery metal surface.


Phosphating washes the surface in order to achieve a better surface for adhesion powder and also helps to improve the corrosion resistance of surface. This is one of the original ways for treating the surface prior to powder coating.

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