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Powder Coating Process

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With the development of modern industry, many new technologies are beginning to develop rapidly, the painting is one of them, a good powder coating technologies, the product performance ant-wear, corrosion resistance, and has the role of a significant impact, so the powder coating equipment has become a very important part of. Nowadays, all kinds of machines used in the powder coating industry have been widely welcomed by the public with their own characteristics of powder coating system.

The powder coating machine is widely applied in the coating industry.The large cyclone  recovery, the achievement of automation saves a lot of labor, and it is very easy to plan and design the corresponding pipeline mode, which saves a lot of manpower and material resources. At the same time, because the powder coating is a delicate process, for the precision of equipment, there are very high requirements, and the existing equipment has met the needs of powder coating plant.Electric heating oven do not pass every detail and make it perfect from every corner ,show the best products to customers. In the saving and protection of the paint, it is the best and perfect.

1. The resistivity of the powder is ideal at 1010~1016 ohm / cm, and the resistivity is too low to produce powder redispersing. The thickness of the coating will be affected by the high resistivity.

2. In the starting stage of spraying powder, the size of powder spray has a certain influence on the thickness of the film, and the powder coating machine is generally small and the deposition rate is high. The powder injection is generally controlled in 50 g / min to 1000 g / min range.

3, The velocity and gradient of the powder and air mixture are the ratio of the velocity of the powder air mixture to the spray distance at the outlet of the powder coating gun, and the thickness of the film will decrease with the increase of the spray gradient within a certain spraying time.

4. Spraying distance is a main parameter to control the thickness of the film. The general control is 10~25 centimeters from the workpiece, which is determined by the form of the powder coating gun.

5, Spraying time and spraying voltage, spraying distance and spraying amount affect each other. When the spraying time is increased and the spraying distance is large, the influence of spraying voltage on the limit value of film thickness will be reduced. With the increase of the powder injection time, the effect of the amount of powder on the growth rate of the film thickness decreased significantly. Water dispersive powder coating is a powder coating stable dispersion and water medium, it has both the advantages of waterborne coatings and powder coatings. In the process, all conventional means including immersion, brush, spray and electrostatic coating can be used. Powder electrophoretic coating is a product of fully mechanized and powder coating and current coating. It has two characteristics. The basic principle is to disperse the powder particles (below 40 m or less) and disperse them in the aqueous solution containing electrophoretic resin. With the water-based electrophoresis resin as the carrier and the powder particles as the film-forming material, the powder particles are charged with electric charges and are electrophoretic deposited on the DC electric field. It is suitable for the construction of a workpiece with complex shape.

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