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Powder coating equipment surface uniformity method

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Powder coating systems China's construction enterprises have taken the transformation and upgrading as the main line of reform and development. Grasping the key aspects of change, integration and innovation of construction production methods and building components, and strive to achieve the change from quantity to quality, speed to efficiency, labor-intensive to technology-intensive, rough to intensive, the domestic first to practice the main building structure components factory manufacturing, mechanized installation of advanced production methods, to reduce construction labor, shorten the construction period, reduce labor intensity, powder coating equipment to ensure project quality, energy saving and consumption reduction, improve overall efficiency and other expected goals. 

Powder coating systems blockage of the causes and treatment: spraying when the pressure is too high generated by the phenomenon of blockage, in the spraying of the conveying distance is too far, the height is too high to produce pressure is too high, another is the nozzle is blocked by foreign objects, and the pressure in the mortar tube increases, so that the interface produces the phenomenon of water, resulting in the phenomenon of blockage, this phenomenon blockage phenomenon is generally a precursor. powder equipment in the spraying process flow significantly reduced, while the work pressure gradually rise, when the staff should stop in a timely manner, blocking the pipe pre-general in the discharge port, and take over at the clean-up is relatively simple. Solution: If the pipe is not stopped in time is seriously blocked, you can only use water to clean the pipe to exclude, choose the appropriate hose right down up to flush.

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Powder coating systems when spraying, pay attention to the thickness of the spraying, so that the surface looks even, in the part of the spraying surface connection, many parts to keep the same. If you are spraying multiple times, you should keep spraying up and down instead of spraying in one direction, which is also the way to make the spraying even. When spraying, keep the proper speed, when we take the nozzle, move slowly, the amount of mortar sprayed out is changed with our speed, if it is fast and slow, then the thickness of the mortar sprayed on will look inconsistent. Also pay attention to the distance of spraying mortar, when holding the nozzle, if you hold it too close, you may spray too thick, and vice versa, these small details will affect the effect of spraying, but if it is too far away, it will make part of the mortar can not be sprayed on the spraying surface, therefore, maintaining the appropriate distance is an important factor. The ratio of mortar is also an important factor, too thick or too thin can not achieve good results.

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