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Powder coating windproof dust suppression net features

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The seven constitute of the powder coating line mainly include: pre-treatment equipment, powder coating system, spray painting equipment, oven furnace, heat source system, electronic control system, suspension conveyor chain system and so on.

Hanna powder coating: The production process flow of electrostatic powder coating line 

Pre-degreasing, degreasing, washing 1, washing 2, fresh pure water washing, surface conditioning, phosphating, washing 3, washing 4, moisture drying, powder coating, curing, inspection, and unloading.

Powder coating windproof dust suppression net features

The wind and dust suppression net is mainly used for wind and dust suppression of coal storage plants in coal mines, coking plants, power plants and other enterprises; ports, dock coal storage plants and various stockyards; steel, building materials, cement and other enterprises Dust suppression; crops windproof, sandy weather, dustproof and other harsh environments; railway, highway coal conservancy station coal storage yard, construction sites, road dust, both sides of the highway. The dust suppression effect of the single-layer wind and dust suppression wall can reach 65-85%, and the double-layer wind suppression wall can achieve more than 95%. So what are its characteristics?

Let's take a look at it together!

1. Anti-ultraviolet (resistance to aging) The surface of the product is spray-treated to absorb ultraviolet light from sunlight, which reduces the oxidation rate of the material itself, so that the product has better anti-aging properties and improved service life. At the same time, the ultraviolet light transmittance is low, and the damage of the sunlight in the material is avoided.

2, Flame retardant, because it is a metal plate, so it has good flame retardancy, can meet the requirements of fire and safety production.

3, Anti-impact, high strength of the product, can withstand the impact of hail (strong wind). The impact strength test detects that the steel ball of mass 1kg is freely dropped at a height of 1.5 meters from the apex of the peak in the middle and upper part of the sample, and the product has no fracture and penetrating holes.

4. Anti-static, the surface of the product is treated by electrostatic spray. After being exposed to sunlight, it can oxidize and decompose organic dirt attached to the surface of the product. In addition, its super-hydrophilicity makes the dust easy to be washed by rain. Cleansing effect, no maintenance costs.

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