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Pretreatment Methods

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1Spraying type

The spray treatment is suitable for articles with large pipes, long pieces and relatively simple structure, and generally adopts high rack structure to save floor space.

2Submersible processing

The submersible processing is suitable for the treatment of objects of various complex shapes with good effect and saving the dosage of medicine.

3,Dip tank

Suitable for degreasing of workpiece with complex surface and serious rust, and setting trachea in skin film groove. It can be adjusted arbitrarily between room temperature and 200 C.

4,Shot blasting

Generally shot blasting is used for regular shape, etc. In the repair and shipbuilding industry, shot blasting (small steel shot) is mostly used for steel plate pretreatment (rust removal before painting).

5,Cylinder cleaning

The cleaning of casting is not only shot blasting, but also drum sand cleaning for large parts. Most of the sand on the surface is removed before shot blasting or shot blasting.


Sandblasting is mostly used in moulded ships or sections. It is not only rust removal, but also oil removal in the repair and shipbuilding industry. It is very useful for painting. It is often used for rust removal on the surface of parts. For workpieces with high quality requirements on the bonding surface, the bonding surface must be treated by sand blasting.


Metal spraying (2)


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