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Problems that may occur in the powder coating process

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Sometimes there is a little problem in powder coating line. In order to make the powder coating process more perfect, we analyze the causes of the problems and solutions. (Part one)

Problem:Chromatic aberration

Cause :1.the thickness of the coating is not uniform;

          2.the temperature distribution of the curing furnace is not uniform:

          3. the workpiece with different materials, thickness, shape and size is operated at the same time;

          4. when the coating color is replaced, the cleaning of the powder feeding device, the spray gun, the powder spraying chamber and the powder coating is not clean.

          5. The chromatic aberration caused by the uneven distribution of powder pigments.

Solutions:1. guarantee uniform thickness of coating film;

2. curing furnace temperature distribution uniform; 

3.should be classified according to the material, thickness, shape and size of the workpiece, and then set different baking time to bake and solidify, it may reduce the color difference of the coating;

              4. when replacing the coating, the parts are cleaned, and the difference in the production of different colors is made as much as possible;

              5. improve the powder quality and guarantee powder. 






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