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R & D spray painting line innovation

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R & D spray painting line innovation, Hanna painting has been on the road.

The American futurist article October 1995 mentioned that creativity is necessary for innovation, that corporate culture should promote creativity and then turn it into innovation, which will lead to success in competition. This sentence accurately reflects the aspirations of R & D and innovation of new powder coating equipment,powder coating line and powder spraying robot by engineers and technicians of Hanna coating. For all the Central Plains coating R & D departments, it is a process of continuous improvement and innovation. The research and development of powder coating line has been innovating, and Hanna Technology Co.,Ltd has been on the way.  


The R & D of a new powder spraying robot on the Hanna was published again in 2017. At the same time, many new and old customers were very interested in the new powder spraying robot. The research and Development Department of the original painting design engineers and technicians lit up the light of the industry. As early as 20 years ago, our engineer was one of the protagonists of the Hanna painting. In the difficult period of the non standard manufacturing industry, the final difficulty led to the breakthrough of the painting line, which opened the gate of the Hanna painting line, and confirmed the key to the innovation of the painting line of the Hanna painting and development.   


For years, every research and development innovation is the best proof of the coating strength of the Central Plains. R & D powder coating line innovation, Hanna coating has been on the road! 

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