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Raw material of steel keeps rising in China

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Steel raw material keeps rising--2018 the environment tax will be out, it means the cost of China's small company will have a big rising.

  1. Compared to South Asia, like india, vetnam etc, in recent years, the labor advantages in China are down and down.

  2. due to environment protection, government publish some policy to limite the pollution of the industry, which increase the cost of small companies, more and more companies are unable to afford such expensive cost.

  3. alone with the machine output from China to other coutries, it seems the manufacturing field is facing big challenges.

  4. Such as steel pipe, pipe fittings etc all kinds of steel products, the profit is very very low, have no space to down. Which also leads to the unfair competition.

  5. If any body need powder coating line for pipe fittings, Fire Extinguisher, aluminium profile etc, pls do contact with me.why choose powder coating line?

First, facing lower and lower profit, the risk of the product quality will rising, and the surface of the product is much more important than anything.

Second, by control the surface treatment, not only can control the quality yourself, but also can save cost in future to reduce all kinds of risks such as labor cost rising, unsteady supply etc.

Third, it will help you to enlarge your customers and improve your production capacity.

Hebei Hanna Metal Technology specialized in powder coating line over 20 years and overcomes much more technich probelms to reach a high lever quality, and always follows with national famous brand Gema, Nordson's step. Our culture are always keeps customers as our center and insisting on good quality. As well as to down the cost for customers.

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