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Safety measures for electrostatic spraying machines for painting equipment

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As the most common electrostatic spraying machine equipment for painting equipment, the most important aspect that needs to be paid attention to during operation is that everyone is concerned about the safety measures that the electrostatic spraying machine equipment of the coating equipment needs to know during operation. Any mechanical operation has certain potential hazards. Even the excellent coating equipment electrostatic sprayer operators are negligent, so here is the most common safety about the electrostatic coating machine for painting equipment. Measures.

    Safety measures for electrostatic sprayers for painting equipment:

    1. Most of the accidents caused by electrostatic coating are caused by the grounding that is not grounded and the insulation state is formed. The conductive object in the painting room must be clearly distinguished by the high voltage potential or the ground potential. In addition to the person or part to which the high voltage should be applied, it must be grounded. This is the first principle. It is necessary to periodically confirm that it should be the ground potential, thereby preventing most of the fire accidents.

    The minimum ignition energy of the solvent vapor can be about 0.2mJ (2/10000J) when the vapor concentration of all common organic solvents in the coating equipment is at the explosion limit when painting. The electrostatic capacity of the human body is about 100pF. Therefore, if the human body becomes a potential of about 2 kV, it has an energy of 0.2 mJ. If the operator is not grounded, a dangerous state is formed, and it is understood that it is important to keep the human body in an insulated state in the static electricity. The safety measures for the electrostatic spraying machine of the coating equipment according to the grounding method are as follows:

    Safety measures for electrostatic sprayers for painting equipment:

    1.1 Operators must wear energetic shoes (sole shoes are energized).

    1.2 The sole must be thoroughly cleaned before operating the electrostatic sprayer safety measures of the painting equipment.

    1.3 At the same time, the conductive objects in the painting booth of the electrostatic spraying machine of the painting equipment shall be grounded.

    1.4 The solvent tank for washing is fixed and grounded.

    1.5 Operators using electrostatic hand spray guns must operate the spray guns with bare hands.

    1.6 The hanger hanging the object to be coated is fully cleaned, and the object to be coated is always grounded. (note the joint of the hanger)

    1.7 The floor in the painting room must be kept in a conductive state.

    Safety measures for electrostatic sprayers for painting equipment:

    2. The use and operation only discharge the objects that have formed the fire disaster. It is considered that there is a charged coating machine, paint tank, etc., and after full ventilation, grounding is performed, and the residual charge is escaped and used. The following are the main points of use and operation:

    2.1 When the coating is finished, the high voltage must be turned off, and the high voltage is confirmed before the cleaning operation.

    2.2 When a conductive coating is used and the coating supply system is insulated from the ground, and the coating is applied to the coating tank, the coating tank is first grounded.

    2.3 When the portion of the insulating material is washed with a solvent, a high voltage is applied after confirming that the solvent is dried.

    2.4 Regularly clean the paint dust pollution of the coating machine.

    2.5 Do not use a coating machine that will retain solvent vapor to prevent coating.

    2.6 does indeed tighten the slack or fall off of the high voltage cable or paint tube.

    Safety measures for electrostatic sprayers for painting equipment:

    3, coating machine system and additional equipment

    The method of preventing discharge is to provide an interlock device in the application of high voltage, and the main points on the coating machine system and the attached equipment are:

    3.1 Set the necessary enough locking device.

    3.2 The need for sequential actors makes it impossible to specify operations outside the order.

    3.3 Set the appropriate interlocking device for the conveyor, the entrance and exit threshold, the air supply and exhaust, the fire fighting device and the coating machine.

    3.4 Set a safety fence or prevent workers from entering the unit.

    3.5 Use a longer hanger to reduce the contact point between the conveyor and the hanger.

    3.6 Adopt automatic cleaning system (automatic coating machine).

    3.7 Set up automatic fire fighting equipment.

    The above is the matter that needs attention when operating the electrostatic spraying equipment of the painting equipment. It is necessary to remind that safety is the first and the operation is the second. Regardless of the operator, please be aware that the electrostatic sprayer that carefully handles the coating equipment is a prerequisite for preventing some hazards. There is a sentence in medicine that can sum up the operation of the safety measures of electrostatic spraying machines for painting equipment. "Prevention is far greater than treatment!"

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