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Solution for local or large area falling off of workpiece during spray molding

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According to the statistics of hanna technology customer service personnel, how can the customer solve the problem of the quality of the sprayed plastic products in the spray equipment, such as the local or large area peeling off during the spray process?

Hanna technology's 28 years of production experience lists the main reasons and solutions for partial or large-area shedding of workpieces.

main reason:

1. There is a rust layer on the surface of the substrate, which has not been removed;

2, the water washing is not clean after the pretreatment;

3. The surface of the substrate is not completely degreased;

4. The lubricating oil on the suspension chain drops onto the workpiece;

5. The galvanized sheet is foamed and the coating is peeled off.


1. Derusting should be thorough;

2. Check the flow rate, water quality and nozzles, and check the flow and pressure of the washing;

3, the use of chemical degreasing is more suitable for animal and vegetable oils, when it is not suitable for mineral oil, use alkali to remove oil, strengthen the water after degreasing, pay attention to water quality;

4. Check the quality index of the lubricating oil. If necessary, replace the lubricating oil with higher temperature resistance or place the receiving groove under the easy dripping.

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