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The composition of the automatic electrostatic spraying system

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Electrostatic powder coating system is a new powder coating technology developed rapidly in recent decades. In recent years, due to the importance of environmental protection, the powder coatings, which have no pollution to the atmosphere and water, have been developing rapidly.

The fully automatic powder electrostatic powder coating equipment mainly includes: the pretreatment system, the powder coating system, the drying room, the heat source system, the electric control system, the suspended conveyor chain and the large cyclone.

powder coating line 2

Pretreatment system: pretreatment includes oil removal, rust removal and phosphating. The quality of pretreatment process directly affects the quality of powder coating,if the pretreatment is not good,will result in the phenomenon of coating falling off easily and bubbling.Therefore, the pretreatment work must be paid attention to.

Powder coating system: the workpiece is prepared by the delivery chain to enter the powder coating gun position of the powder coating room.The electrostatic generator releases the high-voltage electrostatic (negative electrode) through the needle tip of the gun to the direction of the workpiece, which causes the mixture of powder and compressed air ejected from the spray nozzle and air around the electrode to be ionized (negatively charged).After hanging by the transport links to the workpiece (grounding), so in between the gun and the workpiece to form an electric field of powder to surface of workpiece double promotion of electric force and the pressure of compressed air, depending on the electrostatic attraction to form a coating layer of uniform on the surface of the workpiece.

powder coating line

Drying room: after powder coating, the workpiece is heated into the drying room at 180~200 C by the conveying chain, and it is heated for the corresponding time (15-20 minutes) to melt, smooth and solidify the workpiece, so as to get the surface effect of the workpiece we want.(different powders are different in the baking temperature and time).This is to be paid attention to in the curing process.

Heat source system: heating fuel can be divided into coal, electricity, natural gas, diesel oil, biological particles, etc.

Electronic control system: mainly control the powder coating room and speed of the powder coating gun

Suspension conveyor chain conveyor track curvature: according to its size to determine the length and width of the workpiece

Powder cyclone: recovery of dust in the powder room, saving the cost, improving the utilization rate.

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