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The development trend of the pre-processing equipment for automatic powder coating equipment

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The development trend of the pre-processing equipment for automatic powder coating equipment:

1. The equipment is compact. The processing chamber (front treatment channel) and the handling tank should be as compact as possible, under the premise of ensuring the technical requirements, productivity and throughput.

2. Through lean optimization design, reduce equipment installed power, reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

3. The computer control technology is used to improve the automation and intelligent level of the electrostatic powder coating pre processing equipment. Such as process parameters, automatic measurement and recording. Automatic monitoring, feeding adjustment, equipment fault warning and display and so on.  

4. We should improve water-saving technology, clean water recycling, comprehensive utilization technology, improve water utilization and reduce unit consumption of water, so as to achieve zero emissions. Such as PT-PO, nano filtration technology recycling cleaning water recycling and reuse technology, water mist recovery equipment in the exhaust air.

5. Improve and optimize the loading and hanging mode of the processed parts, and make the equipment compact. For example, increase the angle of entry and exit of the workpiece or rotate the inlet and outlet, so that the 100% parts of the complex workpiece will be processed and perfected, and the water volume can be reduced as much as possible, so as to reduce the consumption of drugs and water before treatment.

6. Before the electrostatic powder coating treatment equipment working environment is harsh, has been in the water and steam, the equipment is easy to be corroded. It should be guaranteed for 10~20 years. Corrosion resistant materials should be selected and corrosion prevention measures should be strengthened in the structure of equipment when the equipment is treated before the design.

7. The heat pump device is used to replace the small boiler.

Hebei Hanna Powder Coating Technology Co., Ltd. has accumulated many years of experience in powder coating equipment. We have been keeping the leading technology in the industry, and we will constantly update the technology with the development of science and technology.

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