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The difference between bridge type oven and tunnel oven

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Curing oven system can be divided into bridge type curing oven and tunnel curing oven. The tunnel curing oven effectively solves the problem of insufficient workshop height, the tunnel furnace we produce has a wind curtain at both ends and the temperature of the furnace won't dissipate to the out, which saves the fuel. This is our patent. 

The curing oven we produce saves fuel and saves your production. Curing oven insulation boards are all plug-in boards, seamless docking, heat bridge transfer technology.

1. Bridge type curing oven.

The bridge-type oven is set up. The bridge oven has a good thermal insulation effect because the hot air is on a high level and will not convection with the cold air outside the oven.And the operation cost is low. But more suitable for wide workpiece is not suitable for long workpiece. Because the bridge design requires the workshop height is high enough, the longer the workpiece, the larger the turning radius will be, and the higher the drying path and conveyer track will be.And the construction costs and difficulties will be greater.

Bridge type curing oven

2. Tunnel curing oven.

The tunnel oven’s construction cost is relatively low because it is built directly on the flat ground.But the heat preservation effect is not as good as that of the bridge type because of the severe convection of cold and hot air. The tunnel oven can select long workpiece but it is not suitable for wide workpiece. If the opening of the tunnel is too wide, the barrier of the wind wall to the convection of the cold and hot air will be reduced, so that the heating of the oven will be slow, the heat loss will be serious, and the operating cost will be increased.

Tunnel type curing oven

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