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The difference between fluorocarbon spraying and powder coating

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Powder spray processing and fluorocarbon spray processing are indeed similar on the surface, but there are also many differences that are simply summarized, with the following points:

    1. Performance: Fluorocarbon coating is superior to powder coating performance, wear-resistant, weather-resistant, UV-resistant, and not easy to fade. Outdoor fluorocarbon spray, multi-purpose powder coating indoors.

    2. Price: Fluorocarbon spray is about 10,000 tons higher than powder spray.

    3, the actual use: curtain wall aluminum, especially the use of the last five years, according to the curtain wall design and construction units, as well as the sales of aluminum plants, the curtain wall aluminum surface, outdoor profiles will basically choose to use fluorocarbon spray The indoor profiles are mostly powder coated, while the concealed parts are also anodized. Door and window profiles have been powder-sprayed in the past few years. In recent years, with the large-scale use of energy-saving windows and doors for heat-insulating profiles, the high-end market has emerged, and now fluorocarbon-coated aluminum has also been widely used. At present, the heat-dissipating profiles used in Hangzhou, except for a small number of villas and government projects using fluorocarbon spraying, all use powder coating.

    4, KFC door aluminum profiles, outdoor aluminum profiles, including curtain wall press plates, gussets, decorative panels, exterior wall aluminum veneers, exterior wall aluminum grille, balcony perforated aluminum panels, etc., should be treated with fluorocarbon spray, otherwise it is easy to produce fading And surface cracks, especially in areas with frequent wind and rain, sun and rain, and high wind pressure, strong UV, more need for high-quality surface treatment; for non-outdoor curtain wall profiles, such as curtain wall columns, beams, etc., it is recommended to use powder coating . For window profiles, considering the architectural effect, real estate positioning, cost, construction, use function and durability, it is recommended to set the outdoor part of the heat-dissipating profile as fluorocarbon spray, and the indoor part of the heat-break profile is powder sprayed.

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