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The electrostatic powder spraying recovery device

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The electrostatic powder spraying recovery device is derived from the dedusting device in the environmental protection equipment.

Its basic function is to achieve two-phase separation of gas-solid mixture, and the difference is that the solid phase after dust removal is waste, while the solid phase after recovery is used.


A single cyclone separator is commonly known as the great whirlwind! When the air inlet is connected to the air outlet of the dusting chamber (standing at the bottom of the dusting chamber) and connected with the air inlet of the bag filter separator, it forms a two stage recovery device with single cyclone and bag filter.

When the two stage recovery device works, the air and powder mixed air extracted from the powder injection chamber first enters a single tube cyclone separator. Under the centrifugal action of the high-speed cyclone, more than 80% of the larger particles of the powder fall into the bottom of the tube along the wall of the cyclone tube, and the air containing a small amount of fine powder is transferred to the bag filter separator for filtration. Because of the coordination of the two stage device, it can bear a large recovery load, and the recovery rate is over 95%.


In the structure design of the powder spraying chamber, the two stage recovery configuration can not occupy the operating position on both sides, so it is beneficial to the spraying operation of the larger workpiece. Its disadvantage is that it has a large area, especially the inconvenient cleaning of the large cyclone and the recovery line, so it is not suitable for the electrostatic powder spraying with frequent color change.


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