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The function and composition of both sides of the spray booth

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The most basic task of the spray booth is to exhaust the paint mist, paint dust, solvents, etc. generated during the spraying process.

The spray booth system equipment generally consists of the spray booth body, the air supply system, the paint mist trapping device, the circulating water system, the exhaust system and the waste paint removal device.

powder coating booth


Paint mist is sprayed paint particles, which are not yet dried and still maintain adhesion; while paint dust is sprayed paint particles, which become powdery and lose adhesion as the solvent evaporates, and float in the spray booth and then adhere to The product has become one of the reasons for poor coating.

The function and composition of both sides of the spray booth


The spray booth should have the following two functions




1. Ensure the safety of the painting site;


2. Prevent the attachment of garbage;


3. Paint and paint mist do not pollute the surrounding environment;


4. Discharge the accumulated solvent evaporation in time.




1. Exhaust: exhaust and exhaust paint mist;


2. Dust removal: remove paint (dust) from the exhausted air


3. Air supply: supply clean air;


4. Illumination: Install explosion-proof lights to illuminate the surface of the coated object.

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