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The pretreatment of the spraying equipment can not be ignored.

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The pretreatment of the spraying equipment can not be ignored. 


What is important in the early work, anyone in doing anything, if the early work is done well, then things can be done very smoothly. Then spray equipment is the same, as long as the early preparation is complete, in the process of spraying, the pretreatment will directly affect the quality of powder coating, the powder coating equipment should pay attention to the following points before the formal work:


1, avoid static spark. All airless powder coating equipment should be well grounded.


2, the powder should be filtered first, and the filter net should be selected according to the viscosity and particle size of the coating. The filter screen is too thin to pass easily, and the spray gun will be blocked easily if it is too thick.


3, in order to reduce the possibility of pollution caused by the compressor, the air compressor should keep away from the spraying site as far as possible.


4, compressed air from compressed air can be filtered into the spray equipment, which will help prolong the service life of pneumatic system.


5, the outlet and inlet pipe shall conform to the requirements in the instructions, so as to maintain enough intake volume.


6, the capacity of the air compressor that the user should match should conform to the air consumption of the machine specified in the instruction manual, and should consume as much as possible.


Because the work of spraying is not like other jobs, it can be reworked, once the color of the spray is determined, it can only continue. So the early work must be very attention to in the follow-up work well. 





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