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The reasons for the shrinkage of the workpiece surface and the solution

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There are large and small powder coating companies and painting processing plants. Due to the uneven equipment technology of each painting equipment factory, the quality of processed products is also uneven. Today we will talk about the reasons for shrinkage of products after powder coating.

1. Pre treatment of degreasing is not thorough

2. Shrinkage cavity caused by mixed powder

3. Chromium material may be polluted by oil pollution during the course of turnover

4.Oil pan connected under the chain deformation, cause chain pollution by oil drop.

5. The quality of compressed air is not qualified

How to solve the problem of shrinkage cavity after spraying the workpiece

1. Adjust the degreasing process to ensure the clean up of the profile

2. Carefully check the surface quality of Chromizing material and prevent oil and water pollution in storage and turnover of chromic material

3. Check the compressed air quality and the operation of the oil and water removal equipment, discharge compressed air condensate and oil in time

4. Check the use of chain lubrication to avoid pollution

5. Clean cleaning powder pipe and powder injection system

The European standard pre-processing equipment produced by Hebei Hanna Metal Technology Co., Ltd. is reasonably designed, simple to operate, and programmed adjustment control. It can better solve the string fluid problem caused by the short transition period of the workpiece, the dripping water and no draught system after powder coating. It can reasonably control the cleaning time and the temperature of the constant temperature degreasing liquid, so that the cleaning of the surface of the workpiece is more clean. At the same time, the most advanced degreasing demulsification technology is used to achieve synchronous treatment and synchronous utilization, and to bid farewell to the heavy precipitation tower.

Hanna Technology Co., Ltd. preprocessing equipment

Hebei Hanna Metal Technology Co., Ltd.'s powder injection system, powder coating room with imported PP board manufacturing, better to solve the powder room sticky hard cleaning phenomenon. The powder recovery is internationally recognized as a large cyclone recovery system. After Hebei Hanna Metal Technology Co., Ltd. has been retrofit many times, the recovery rate is up to 98.9%, ensuring no dust spillover in the workshop. The 10-15 minute fast color changing supply center saves a lot of powder time for the customers, and at the same time, it solves the shrinkage phenomenon caused by mixing powder.


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