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The scope of powder coating equipment

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We all know the automatic powder coating equipment, is based on the principle of positive and negative charge are adsorbed, the resin powder is uniformly coated on the surface of the workpiece, and then through the heat treatment, a new technology, so as to make the surface to form a dense high degree of surface coating in addition, using the technology of electrostatic powder spraying, with only one the operation can obtain satisfactory effect. Therefore, the labor productivity and cost can be greatly improved. Besides, the powder coating is free from solvents, which can recycle and reuse the excess powder coatings, and completely avoid environmental pollution.

The scope of the general use is as follows:

vertical aluminium alloy powder coating line

horizontal aluminium alloy powder coating line

vertical stainless steel mesh powder coating system

horizontal stainless steel mesh powder coating system

Dutch wire mesh powder coating line

furniture powder coating equipment

Auto powder coating line

valve powder coating line

valve plastic dip coating line

steel pipe dip coating line

Steel Pipe Inner and Outside Powder Coating Line

Sport Equipment Powder Coating Line

Tower Crane Powder Coating Production Line

Farm Machinery Parts Powder Coating Line

Farm Machinery Powder Coating Line

Steel and Wood Furniture Powder Coating System

Security Door Powder Coating Machine

Fire Door Powder Coating Machine

Transportation Equipment Powder Coating Line

Cabinet Powder Coating System

Steel Structure Powder Coating Equipment

The Greenhouse Bracket Powder Coating Machine

Fence Powder Coating Line

Wrought Iron Powder Coating Line

Subway Accessories Powder Coating Line

Bike Frame Powder Coating System

Tricycle Powder Coating Machine

Scaffolding Powder Coating System

Dedusting Skeleton Powder Coating Machine

Steel Profile Powder Coating System

Lamp Post Powder Coating Machine

Cooker Units Powder Coating Equipment

Radiator Powder Coating Equipment

Auto Parts Powder Coating Line

Lamps Powder Coating System

Hardware Powder Coating System

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