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What Are The Benefits of Hanna Powder Coating Process

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Powder coating is a kind of dry coating, it is applied as a free-flowing and dry powder. There is a main difference between the conventional liquid paint and powder coating, namely, the powder coating does not require the solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in the liquid suspension form. The coating is mainly applied electrostatically and then be cured under heat to allow it to flow and thus form a "skin." The powder can be devided into the thermoplastic and the thermoset polymer. It is commonly used to create a hard finish which is more tougher than conventional paint. Powder coating is mainly used for coating of metals, such as aluminium extrusions, agri-machinery, radiator, hardware, etc.

Then What Are The Benefits of Hanna Powder Coating Process ?

1. High Quality.  

Since the powder is fused onto the workpiece, it will have the excellent scratch resistance properties. Also it has a ultra fine 'smooth' appearance and forms a sealed skin around the workpiece thus minimising corrosion risk. 

2. Recoverable. 

'Over sprayed' powders can be recollected and be re-used! Then it works better than thepaint spray painting system, large savings are clearly possible if the over spray can be re-used.

3. Simple Automation. 

Since powder is be used electrostatically, be completely recoverable and be easily cleaned , powder is ideally suited to simple, automatic application thus minimising labour requirements. 

4.One coat application.  

For the large scale applications, a single thick powder application will be quite possible. This eliminates the need for primers, multi-coat-wet painting, also for rubbing down between the coats. 

5.Environment friendly with no Solvents. 

It is more safe to use and will be more easily complies with the current and proposed environmental plan


The Spillages, overspray powder, etc., can literally be vacuumed, thus makes the electrostatic painting booth more clean and efficient.

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