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What are the characteristics of electrostatic coating of Stainless steel mesh?

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Stainless steel mesh is a kind of anti-theft screen

Stainless steel mesh screen yarn is a kind of anti-theft screen yarn. It refers to the screen screen yarn which uses the most gauze screen of King Kong net. The medium and high-end diamond web is also called bulletproof net, which has high strength and impact resistance.

King Kong mesh screen is the best anti-theft gauze at present, and the price is relatively reasonable. King Kong is a new high-end household profile on the market, suitable for assembly on high-end novel doors and windows, to meet the needs of high-end customers. It can not only play the role of preventing insects but also protect against theft and does not affect the appearance. King Kong mesh screens are integrated with existing doors and windows, and have the functions of high strength, compactness, strength, shear resistance and impact resistance. They are truly resistant to insects, theft, safety and beauty. The diamond mesh screen is a staggered structure of the dog's teeth, and the wire diameter can reach 0.8mm, which not only prevents mosquitoes, but also strengthens the anti-theft effect. In combination with high-quality locks and accessories, the performance of this security door and window is highlighted, and the quality is guaranteed. King Kong mesh screens are equipped with high-strength hardware locks, which cannot be opened from the outside after being locked, and then play an anti-theft function. The beauty of the diamond mesh comes from the outer coating, and the coating we use is electrostatically sprayed.

Electrostatic spraying characteristics

What are the characteristics of King Kong net electrostatic spraying?

1. The coating is firm, not easy to fall off, does not burst, and is not afraid of direct sunlight.

2. The appearance is exquisite and beautiful, lubricated and shiny.

3. Strong corrosion resistance, good insulation performance of surface coating.

4. Anti-friction, smooth surface, easy to clean and easy to maintain. 5. It has the characteristics of environmental protection, non-toxicity, no radiation, anti-seepage and strong impact resistance.

Electrostatic spraying treatment summary Electrostatic spraying is a kind of surface treatment commonly used in metal products. The amount of plastic coating is very uniform, there is no uneven thickness, the plastic layer is very smooth and round, and there is no rough feeling when touched by hand. There is no dust on the surface. If it is dirty, just wipe it with a rag. Electrostatic spraying brings not only an aesthetic effect, but also the surface of the surface can be insulated from the diamond mesh by using electrostatic spraying to prevent the oxygen in the atmosphere from reacting with the diamond mesh and prolonging the service life of the diamond mesh.

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