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What are the environmental requirements for painting equipment?

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The main equipment for painting is divided into pre-treatment equipment before painting, painting equipment, coating drying and curing equipment, mechanized transportation equipment, dust-free constant temperature and humidity supply equipment and other ancillary equipment.

The painting skill of painting equipment is a skill type. It integrates the skills of chemical industry, machinery, fluids, electrical appliances and thermal engineering. The level of disorder is relatively high and the number of processes is relatively high. Therefore, the environmental problems in this period cannot be ignored.

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The national environmental protection regulations, that is, the government's basic requests for environmental functions such as goods and services, are carried out in the form of commodity regulation in China by the Ministry of Environmental Protection mainly in response to the requirements of China's environmental symbolic commodity skills.

About the new line of coating equipment production line, high degree of modernization, can satisfy the temperature, humidity stability, air cleanliness request, adjust the viscosity of the paint and the composition of the diluent according to different humidity and temperature.

Wastewater, waste gas, waste residue and noise pollution can occur in the coating equipment production line. After the wastewater and waste slag are collected, they are treated separately according to the type of sewage.

Regarding the exhaust gas, an organic solvent should be used to reduce the amount of exhaust gas to be treated, or a catalytic incineration method, an activated carbon adsorption method, or the like, to reach the discharge request. Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment.

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