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What is the difference between the electrostatic coating and spray painting?

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Traditional liquid spraying and manual spraying are associated with high paint waste, environmental pollution, cleaning difficulties, low production efficiency, poor color, and unstable quality.


Electrostatic spray painting is the solution to these problems.


It is the same principle as electrostatic dust removal and is a new technology that uses the electrostatic field formed by high pressure to spray paint. Compared to manual spray painting, it has the advantages of high efficiency, low waste, good quality, and is good for workers' health. The paint enters the metal cup at high speed through the paint delivery tube and is sprayed from the cup, which is atomized due to the high-speed rotation of the cup.



The paint mist particles are negatively charged due to the negative high voltage (60-120kV) of the spray cup, which repels each other and evenly disperses, and at the same time, under the action of the electric field force, fly towards the workpiece which is connected to the positive high voltage, and are absorbed on the working surface to form a bright and solid paint layer.

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