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Causes and solutions of condensation in dust processing equipment

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Causes and solutions of condensation in dust processing equipment


1. Dust processing equipment has air leakage


We all know that the internal temperature of the dust processing equipment is very high when it is working, and if the machine leaks, it will enter part of the outside air inside it. When the cold air meets the hot air, it will cause condensation due to physical changes. .


2. The humidity contained in the smoke exceeds the standard


When the dust processing equipment is sucking dust, because the local air is relatively humid or the smoke contains a lot of moisture, then when the smoke is sucked into the dust processing equipment, condensation will occur, which is generally the case It is relatively easy to appear in cement manufacturing plants.


3. The temperature of the pulse dust treatment equipment when blowing gas is too low


The dust treatment equipment uses compressed air to achieve the goal during the pulse blowing to clean the dust, and the internal pressure will change accordingly when the air is compressed. It is not very obvious in summer, if it is in winter When the pressure changes, the internal temperature will obviously change, which will cause the temperature of the blown gas to decrease and produce condensation.


4. No insulation measures are taken


The shell of the dust processing equipment itself is not protected by heat insulation or the protection measures are poor. At this time, condensation will occur due to the temperature difference between inside and outside.

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