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Do you know the details of the need to pay attention to the purchase of spray equipment?

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Nowadays, coating equipment is widely used in the modern application of the coating industry. Many spray processing manufacturers choose the spraying equipment because their performance and scope of application are not very clear. For this Hebei Hanna Technology has compiled some information to share with everyone, hope It is helpful to you.

First, practicality: the use of automatic spraying equipment can not only meet the production requirements of the spraying process, should pay attention to product quality requirements, reduce the labor productivity of coatings, suitable for products and spraying workpieces, production, coating machine coating process Compatible, considering the actual situation, reasonable workshop planning, convenient operation environment, safety and so on.

Second, the performance of the equipment: For the spraying equipment, the powder rate and the powder effect are more important factors. For equipment in different places, the powder loading rate is also different. For example, the high-voltage built-in electrostatic powder spraying machine has a much higher powdering capacity than the high-voltage external product.

Third, the stability of the equipment: If a product does not have good stability after being put into use, its role can be limited. Spraying equipment used in industrial places is different from home appliances, and it is greatly affected by the environment. Sometimes, even working for a long time without stopping, so the requirements for industrial equipment are more stringent.

Fourth, the operability of the equipment: automatic spraying line should follow the simple operation, reduce costs, energy saving, high degree of automation, convenient maintenance and management.

Fifth, the safety of the equipment: to ensure the health of the operator does not search, for the fresh air system to ensure the air purification of the workshop, the exhaust system is good, reducing costs. It is the purpose of automatic spraying machine to save people's labor and reasonable, energy saving and emission reduction.

Sixth, the protection device of spraying equipment: automatic spraying equipment should have good grounding protection, leakage protection device, emergency stop switch, emergency stop switch should be set in obvious position. Each transmission is equipped with a protective cover with a warning sign on the dangerous part.

The above is the compilation of Hanna Technology's small series for everyone. Hebei Hanna Technology is a manufacturer with many years of experience in spraying equipment processing. If you are interested, please come to the factory to talk about cooperation.

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