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Electrostatic powder coating before the need to do the preparation work

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Electrostatic powder coating before the need to do the preparation work

The following preparations need to be made before electrostatic powder spraying.

1. Add the specified brand of powder coating (after sieving by the powder sifter) to the powder supply pail according to the specified requirements
      1.1 Check and unclog each powder supply line and gun before work, check the gun, be sure to pay attention to whether the gun power and nozzle contact is good, grounding wire is good.
      1.2 All on the power switch, open the powder room fan after the opening, open the high pressure electrostatic generator, connected to compressed air.

       1.3 Check whether the work of each part of the instrument is normal, the voltage will be adjusted to the process parameters (70-80KV) in the open gun for powder spraying, the work process, according to the different workpiece to adjust the amount of powder from the gun to ensure the quality of the deep layer.


2. color change process
        2.1 Thoroughly clean the powder supply tube and powder supply drum

       2.2 Blow the powder tube and gun with compressed air
       2.3 Load the powder coating to be used into the powder pail and finish the preparation work.
       2.4 After the work is finished, turn off the high pressure electrostatic generator and power supply, hang the gun, and finally turn off the fan.

       2.5 Clean the powder room thoroughly to prepare for future work.

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