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Electrostatic spraying has the following features compared with air spraying

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 (1) The utilization rate of coating is greatly improved

     In general, the utilization rate of paint in air spraying is only 30% to 50%, and for porous or mesh structure workpiece, the utilization rate of paint is less than 30%. The use of electrostatic spraying, paint particles by the force of the electric field is adsorbed on the appearance of the workpiece, obviously reduce the splash and rebound, paint loss is greatly reduced, the utilization rate increased by 1 to 2 times.

      (2) Improve labor productivity

      Electrostatic spraying is suitable for mass production and can be sprayed by multiple spray guns together, which is easy to realize automatic flowing operation and increase the production power by 1 to 3 times than air spraying.

      (3) Improve coating product quality

      Because the charged paint particles are discharged and deposited on the workpiece by the electric field force, and the ring effect occurs according to the power line dispersion. Through the configuration of the spray gun and the regulation of the spraying parameters, uniform, flat, lubricated and plump coating can be obtained, and the protective and decorative effects of the coating can be improved.

      (4) Improve the painting operating environment

      The air spraying paint mist splash is serious and the working environment is very poor. And electrostatic spraying occurs with little paint mist splash, and it is carried out in the spraying room, so the labor conditions are greatly improved.

      (5) Existence of tip effect

      Because of the tip effect of the electrostatic field, shielding occurs against the concave part, forming a thin coating, while the tip, sharp edge is thicker coating. Generally, it is necessary to compensate for the shortcomings with manual supplemental spraying.

      (6) Not suitable for non-conductor workpieces

      For plastic, wood, rubber, glass and other non-conductor workpieces, it is necessary to make it conductive through special treatment before electrostatic spraying, otherwise it is not applicable.

      (7) Risk of high voltage spark discharge

      When the workpiece is shaken or the inter-pole interval is too close due to improper operation, it will cause high voltage sparking and fire risk. Therefore, electrostatic spraying should pay special attention to safety, and it is extremely important to set up rescue equipment in the spraying room.

      (8) High requirements for the electrical function of the paint

      Electrostatic spraying requires high electric function of the paint and is easily affected by the temperature and humidity of the environment, so experiments should be conducted first when there is no certainty.

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