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Features of electrostatic spraying equipment and precautions for operation

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With the continuous development of industrial technology, electrostatic spraying equipment is widely used in the surface treatment of various industrial industries. It can not only increase labor productivity, improve labor conditions and obtain considerable social and economic benefits, but also better meet the application of various industries and enterprises.



Features of electrostatic spraying equipment and precautions for operation

Advantages of electrostatic spraying equipment

1. The quality of the paint film is high, the paint film is uniform, smooth, and the adhesion and decoration are good. It can be operated on a large-scale assembly line, with high production efficiency and good working conditions.

2. It can improve the utilization rate of paint, reduce paint mist scattering and pollution, and improve labor and hygiene conditions.


Precautions for the operation of electrostatic spraying equipment


1. During operation, it should be operated under a certain voltage. In order to eliminate static charge as soon as possible, when spraying manually, the spray gun should be released from the ground immediately after use, and the residual charge should be released in time. At the same time, the human body should not be insulated from the ground to eliminate the charge on the human body as soon as possible. .

2. The distance between the coated workpiece and the nozzle of the spray gun should not be too close, keep a certain distance. Be sure to check whether the circuit connection of each part is normal before operation, and pay attention to the normal grounding of the casing and workpiece to avoid high-voltage static electricity.

3. Electrical equipment that has nothing to do with painting should not be installed in the electrostatic spraying area. It is strictly forbidden to use portable lamps and other mobile electrical equipment in the electrostatic spraying area.

4. When electrostatic spraying, keep the air supply and exhaust in good condition.

5. All conductive materials of metal materials in the spray booth must be grounded to keep the track clean.

6. When doing personal protection work, special conductive gloves should be worn. The operators should wear anti-static clothing and should not wear isolated metal objects.

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