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How to improve the efficiency of powder coating equipment

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The powder coating equipment is under the action of static electricity, which can adsorb the powder on the surface of the workpiece, and can form a powder coating. The advantages are reflected in the advanced technology, energy saving and high efficiency, safety and reliability, and bright color. So how to improve the efficiency of powder coating equipment has always been a problem for the major powder coating equipment manufacturers to explore and research. The following shows how to make the working efficiency of electrostatic powder coating equipment improve.

1. It is indispensable for the regular inspection and maintenance of the powder coating equipment. Before the work, check that the various parts of the equipment are free of defects, and that the lubricating oil is needed to fill the lubricating oil. For those old equipment, the equipment should be eliminated in time. There are no various failures, and the coating utilization rate is higher, which can improve the overall work efficiency.

2. Always test the equipment before using the spray equipment to ensure that all parts can work properly before starting work. Chains, pulleys, shafts, belts, and other moving parts on the equipment should be equipped with a protective cover and a protective plate.

3. Equipped with a good powder recycling system, on the one hand to reduce the rebound of the powder on the workshop, and second, it may reduce the waste of powder. From a long-term perspective, increasing the powder recovery system outweighs the disadvantages. For the original recovery system with poor performance, the long-term use has not played the role of the recovery system, and it is best to replace it. If the company's production scale is expanded, and new stations are added to increase the spraying capacity, the recycling system should also keep up.

4. The use of curing oven, curing furnace is also an important part of electrostatic powder coating equipment, high efficiency in other places, but curing can not keep up, it will also affect the electrostatic efficiency. If the heating system is backward, or the automatic control capability is defective, the heating method has high energy consumption, low utilization rate, high cost, improper size of the original curing furnace, and cannot adapt to the changing workpieces, etc., and the curing equipment should be improved. Improve production efficiency.

5. When the powder coating equipment is in operation, it is mostly flammable, and fireworks should be strictly prohibited.

The working principle of the powder coating equipment is to pass the plastic powder through the high-voltage electrostatic device, spray the paint onto the surface of the workpiece under the action of the electric field, the powder will be uniformly adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece to form a powder coating; and the powder coating After high temperature baking, the leveling solidifies and firmly adheres to the surface of the workpiece, and the plastic particles will eventually melt into a dense protective coating with different effects. The increased efficiency of the spray equipment can make our economic benefits better.

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