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Introduce the maintenance method of painting equipment

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Now Hanna Technology will introduce you to the maintenance methods of spraying equipment

1. Finishing of paints and auxiliary tools: The remaining paint after use should be sealed and stored, and the auxiliary tools (mixer, testing tool, weighing tool, etc.) should be cleaned and stored.

2, coating quality inspection: coating quality inspection is the same as air spray.

3. Cleaning of the spraying equipment: Spray the paint in the airless spraying machine, and then spray the solvent instead of the paint to clean the conveying pipeline inside the machine and the paint in the spray gun. When the sprayed material is relatively clear, it can be used. The gun is then removed and the easy-to-remove parts are removed and carefully cleaned with solvent. If the waterborne coating is applied, clean the machine and gun with water.

4. Maintenance of spraying equipment: After cleaning the equipment without air spray, remove the parts that need to be disassembled and repaired, and use appropriate maintenance measures to deal with the parts. For the application of running water, the maintenance of the spray gun and nozzle is mainly.

Painting equipment can save paint, especially for high-viscosity anti-corrosion coatings. Air spray takes the paint out when the air bounces off the workpiece surface, and the paint utilization rate decreases. The airless spray can obtain a uniform coating, the rebound is smaller than the air spray, the effective utilization rate of the paint is high, and the relative air spray method can save the paint by 10-30%. At the same time, it can improve the adhesion and prolong the life of the coating; high-pressure airless spraying uses high-pressure jet atomization to obtain strong kinetic energy of the coating particles, and the coating particles can be used to penetrate the gap of the workpiece, thereby making the coating denser. The mechanical biting force with the workpiece is enhanced, the adhesion is improved, and the coating life is effectively extended. So it is very important to buy a good painting equipment.

The above is the maintenance method of the spraying equipment introduced by Hanna Technology. If you want to know the information of other painting equipment, please continue to pay attention to us


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