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Large cyclone recycling VS. common recycling system

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Powder coating is a technology widely used for surface coating, and the recovery and reuse of powder is one of the key aspects in the powder coating process. Among the powder recovery systems, large cyclone recovery system and common recovery system are two common choices. This article will compare these two systems and introduce their advantages and disadvantages.

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Large cyclone recovery system: 

Large cyclone recovery system is a highly efficient powder recovery technology, its working principle is based on the role of centrifugal force. In a Large cyclone recycling system, the powder is separated by centrifugal force and recycled into a dust collector, while clean air is discharged through the exhaust port. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of the Large cyclone recycling system:


1. Efficient recovery: The large cyclone recovery system can recover powder efficiently, reducing powder waste and costs.

2. High-speed processing: Due to its centrifugal separation principle, the large cyclone recovery system can quickly process large amounts of powder and maintain the efficiency of the system. 3.

3. Simple maintenance: Large cyclone recovery systems usually have fewer moving parts and are easy to maintain and clean.


1. Powder fineness limitation: Large cyclone recovery system has a certain limitation on the fineness of the powder, the finer powder may not be fully recovered.

2. High energy consumption: Because the centrifugal separation process requires a certain amount of energy supply, the energy consumption of large cyclone recovery system is relatively high.

3. Ordinary recovery system: Ordinary recovery system usually uses filters and electrostatic precipitator and other technologies to recover powder. 

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The following are the advantages and disadvantages of common recovery systems:


1. for fine powder: ordinary recovery system can recover a variety of fineness of powder, including the finer powder.

2. lower energy consumption: compared with the large cyclone recovery system, the ordinary recovery system usually has a lower energy consumption.


1. lower recovery efficiency: ordinary recovery system recovery efficiency is usually low, some fine powder particles may not be fully recovered.

2. complicated maintenance: ordinary recovery system usually contains multiple filters and electrostatic precipitator and other components, which require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure its normal operation and efficient work.

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Both large cyclone recovery systems and common recovery systems have their own advantages and disadvantages in powder coating powder workshops. The large cyclone recovery system has the ability to efficiently recover and process large quantities of powder for coarse powders. It has simple maintenance and cleaning needs, but has high energy consumption and has some limitations on powder fineness. The common recovery system is suitable for the recovery of fine powders and has low energy consumption. 

However, its recovery efficiency is low and requires complex maintenance and cleaning.

When selecting a suitable recovery system, the characteristics of the powder, production requirements and economic factors need to be considered. For coarse powder and the need for efficient recovery, large cyclone recovery system may be a better choice. While for fine powder recovery and lower energy consumption requirements, ordinary recovery system may be more suitable. 

Taking into account the recovery efficiency, energy consumption, maintenance requirements and powder characteristics, choosing the right recovery system can improve the resource utilization and production efficiency in the powder coating process, thus achieving the goals of cost control and environmental protection.

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