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Problems in the actual production and use of water curtain vortex spray paint room

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Problems in the actual production and use of water curtain vortex spray paint room


Although the water curtain scroll spray paint room in the paint mist treatment relatively improved a lot, but due to the domestic coating equipment manufacturers, the size of many different equipment manufacturers, excessive pursuit of profits, not much investment in research and development and their own technical standards and the use of business blindly reduce the investment cost of equipment resulting in spray paint room technology content is not high, the key technology in the design and use of the process is not well controlled, resulting in the actual production of spray paint room still There are still some problems in the actual production of the spray booth.

      1 Circulating water level is not easy to manage

      Water curtain scroll spray booth is through the sawtooth plate near the high-speed airflow (speed up to 25 m / s) will be water atomization to improve the efficiency of paint mist capture and purification of air. For a paint booth, the atomization effect depends largely on the level of the circulating water in the booth, and the change of the liquid level directly affects the airflow speed and water atomization effect at the serrated plate and scroll plate. At present, the water curtain scroll spray paint room liquid level is controlled by overflow tank and water float, overflow tank and water float installed in the back of the spray paint room slagging tank, inconvenient for the operator to monitor from time to time, water float often occurs due to poor maintenance and paint slag sticking, clogging or falling off, automatic water replenishment function fails, resulting in circulating water level is not normal, spray paint room purification performance becomes poor, so the design of reliable automatic water replenishment and Effective water level management is a necessary condition to ensure the efficiency of paint mist capture.

      2 Paint residue can not be discharged to the slag tank normally

      The normal work of the water curtain scroll spray booth, spraying work area on the water surface of the paint slag and scroll separated from the paint particles should be able to be driven by the airflow, following the water flow over the scroll plate, the diversion plate into the paint booth behind the paint slag treatment tank; treatment tank design in the back of the paint booth, so that the paint booth in the normal work, but also in the continuous production process of paint slag collection and processing, extending the circulating water life, to ensure the quality of circulating water, and to reduce the discharge of waste water. In actual production, often due to the unreasonable design of the scroll plate, resulting in paint slag can not smoothly cross the scroll plate, paint slag kept accumulating at the scroll plate, condensation into a block, resulting in poor air exhaust from the spray paint room, water level disturbance, spray paint room purification effect becomes worse, and even cause production downtime.

      3 paint spraying room air volume, high energy consumption, high operating costs

      Paint spraying room in the painting operation, need a lot of supply and exhaust air to capture and take away the spraying work area of the paint mist and control the spread of harmful substances. Domestic equipment manufacturers to make the spray booth paint mist treatment effect is not good, rely on improving the air supply and exhaust volume of the spray booth to ensure the cleanliness of the painting area environment and product coating quality, is 3 to 4 times the amount of foreign advanced water curtain scroll spray booth ventilation; domestic 1 operating surface width of 3 000 mm spray booth air supply and exhaust volume is generally 18 000 ~ 20 000 m3 / h (foreign only 7 500 ~ 9 000 m3 / h) In order to make such a low concentration (VOC), large air volume of gas to meet the standard emissions, it is necessary to set up a huge activated carbon adsorption secondary purification equipment, its equipment costs, power consumption, floor space and other investments equivalent to several times the spray paint room; large exhaust volume means the need to configure high-power fans, the corresponding energy consumption becomes large; in order to high-quality painting production and In order to meet the operator's comfort, the temperature and humidity in the spraying room are required to be within a certain range, which requires heating and humidification in winter and cooling and dehumidification in summer, resulting in high energy consumption and loss in the operation of the spraying room; for the northern region, especially in places with extreme temperature and humidity, the heat and cold loss is more serious, resulting in high operating costs of the spraying room. 



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