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Structural features of the cyclone recovery in the powder spraying powder workshop

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Powder coating line is a kind of equipment to prepare powder coating into a coating, it mainly includes the following parts:

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1. Pre-treatment system:

It is the equipment for cleaning, degreasing, rust removal and phosphating the surface of the workpiece in order to improve the adhesion and corrosion resistance of the coating. Depending on the material and shape of the workpiece, either automatic spraying pretreatment or dipping pretreatment can be chosen. The automatic spraying pre-treatment is a spray cleaning of the surface of the workpiece using a high pressure water gun, the impregnation pre-treatment is a reaction of the workpiece immersed in different chemical solutions. 

2. Drying box: 

It is designed to dry the residual moisture on the surface of the workpiece after pretreatment to prevent the powder coating from absorbing moisture or caking and affecting the spraying effect. The design of the drying box should be based on the actual situation of the customer, considering the size of the workpiece, quantity, conveying speed, temperature, time and other factors.

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3. Powder coating spraying system: 

It is the equipment that adsorbs the powder coating onto the surface of the workpiece through electrostatic or frictional charge to form a uniform powder layer. Depending on the coating requirements and efficiency, automatic reciprocating sprayers, manual sprayers or semi-automatic (automatic spraying plus manual make-up spraying) sprayers can be selected. An automatic reciprocating sprayer uses a computer to control the movement and switching of the spray gun to achieve high speed, high efficiency and high quality coating; a manual sprayer is used by the operator to spray the workpiece with the gun in hand and is suitable for small batches or complex shaped workpieces; a semi-automatic (automatic spraying plus manual make-up spraying) sprayer combines both automatic and manual methods, with the automatic gun first spraying a large area of the workpiece and then the The operator will then make up the spraying of missed or uneven areas.

4. Powder Recovery System: 

It is a device set up to recover and utilise excess powder that has not been adsorbed onto the workpiece. Depending on the recovery efficiency and cost, either cyclone equipment or cartridge filters can be selected. Cyclone equipment uses centrifugal force to separate the powder from the air stream and then separates the coarse particles from the fine particles by means of a vibrating screen; cartridge filters use a cartridge to filter the powder from the air stream and then remove the powder from the cartridge by means of a blowback air. Cyclone equipment has a higher recovery rate, but requires more space and energy; cartridge filter has a lower recovery rate, but occupies a small area and operates with low noise.

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5. Curing oven: 

It is equipment designed to make the powder layer melt, level and cross-link at high temperatures to form a strong, smooth and beautiful coating. According to the different heating methods and temperature requirements, you can choose tunnel curing oven, bridge curing oven, electric heating curing oven, gas heating curing oven, diesel heating curing oven, etc. Tunnel curing oven is the workpiece continuously through a rectangular heating space, suitable for mass production; bridge curing oven is the workpiece in a circular or oval heating space cycle, suitable for small and medium-sized production; electric heating curing oven is the use of resistance wire heating to heat the air, suitable for high temperature curing; gas heating curing oven is the use of natural gas or liquefied gas as fuel to heat The gas heated curing oven uses natural gas or liquefied gas as fuel to heat the air and is suitable for low temperature curing; the diesel heated curing oven uses diesel as fuel to heat the air and is suitable for medium temperature curing. 6.

6. conveying system: 

this is the equipment installed to achieve smooth transport of workpieces throughout the production line. According to different conveying methods and speed requirements, chain conveyors, belt conveyors, suspension conveyors, etc. can be selected. Chain conveyors use chains to hang the workpiece firmly and run at a constant speed; belt conveyors use belts to place the workpiece smoothly and run at an adjustable speed; suspension conveyors use wire ropes to hang the workpiece and run at a variable speed. Chain conveyors are suitable for heavy or large workpieces; belt conveyors are suitable for light or small workpieces; suspension conveyors are suitable for shaped or complex shaped workpieces.

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