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How to save the leftover thermosetting powder coating when spraying

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How to save the leftover thermosetting powder coating when spraying


The powder produced by powder paint is prepared by special resin, color filler, curing agent and other additives, mixed in a certain ratio, and then prepared by the process of hot extrusion and crushing through sieve. They are at room temperature, storage stability, by electrostatic spraying, friction spraying (thermosetting method) or fluidized bed dip coating (thermoplastic method), and then heated and baked melt curing, so that the formation of a flat and bright permanent coating film, to achieve the purpose of decoration and corrosion prevention.

        So do you know how to store the leftover powder coating?

        For those who use the remaining powder coating, many people tend to abandon it, or just put it aside somewhere, when you want to take it out again, but found that the powder coating has been lumped or mixed with a lot of impurities in it, which is very unfavorable for the subsequent use of powder coating. The specific response is as follows.

        After the construction is completed, if there is still left powder coating, in the process of storage, avoid storage in places that are easily contaminated by water, organic solvents, oil or other materials. After the powder coating is used, it should not be exposed to the air, but should be covered or tied tightly at any time to avoid debris. The location of the powder coating should be far from the fire source, avoid direct sunlight, and should be placed in a well-ventilated place with the temperature below 35℃.

        And we also need to avoid the long-term contact of powder coating with skin, for the powder attached to the skin should use soap and water to rinse clean, do not use solvents when rinsing. The equipment used in the painting operation should be well grounded to eliminate static electricity, to avoid the phenomenon of unprovoked discharge in the work of the coating machine, to spray powder indoors, the concentration of floating dust should be controlled as far as possible below the safe concentration, to avoid the explosion of dust in contact with fire.



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