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What are the main factors affecting the price of a fully automatic painting equipment production line

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With the development of science and technology, companies are paying more and more attention to automation. In the spraying industry, fully automatic painting equipment is more and more favored by companies. Then, what are the main factors that affect the price of a fully automatic painting equipment production line?

The price of the automatic paint spraying production line depends on many factors, such as: production output, paint spraying process requirements, equipment configuration parameters, and the form of mechanized conveying system of the paint spraying line.

powder spraying process of aluminum profile


1. The output required by the enterprise


The production output is also a major factor affecting the quotation of the fully automatic paint spraying line. The most intuitive thing is that the size of the output directly affects the length of the production line. The higher the output, the longer the line body, and the higher the quotation.


2. Process requirements for spray paint products


The more complicated the spray painting process, the higher the degree of non-standard production of the spray paint line, and the higher the price of the spray paint line. In addition to the spraying process, the automatic paint spraying production line generally requires planning of pre-treatment, dust removal and drying, curing, waste gas and wastewater treatment, explosion-proof equipment and other processes, and even transfer robots, flip robots and other automated equipment to cooperate. Some products may be diversified in size, and a set of spray paint lines cannot meet the demand. The more complicated the process, the higher the price.


3. The configuration and material requirements of painting equipment


The higher the configuration of the automatic painting equipment, the higher the quotation. All materials are required to be imported. The quality of high-quality equipment is guaranteed. Of course, the price is not cheap, and the price is equal to the value of the product.


Therefore, when purchasing an automated non-standard spray paint line, do not only pay attention to its price, but also evaluate its configuration, performance, and quality. Providing high-quality automation systems to ensure the use and product quality, while realizing economic costs, is the ideal choice for enterprises to purchase automatic painting lines.

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