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What problems should be paid attention to during the spraying process?

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In the spraying project, the surface of the spray fan should be perpendicular to the surface of the coating. When the gun is manually operated, the width of each spray gun should not be too large. Otherwise, the coating will be uneven. The direction of the spray gun should always be parallel to the surface of the coating. Vertical to the spray fan to ensure uniformity of the coating. The operating speed of the gun should be stable, 300 ~ 400mm / s. The running speed is unstable, the coating thickness is not uniform, the running speed is too fast, the coating is too thin, the coating is too thick .

The painting operation is mainly the operation and use of the spraying equipment. The improper operation of the spraying equipment will cause coating defects. The coating defects are mainly manifested in three aspects: the coating is uneven, mainly showing the following traces, the coating color is inconsistent, the coating Poor smoothness, etc.

The coating is too thick, mainly due to sagging, the dry and deep layers of the coating, and the phenomenon of the outer shell of the coating. The coating is too thin; the main performance is that the coating cannot reach the required thickness after conventional spraying. Sprayer There are three main problems in the operation.

The distance between the nozzle and the coated surface is called the distance between the gun and the gun is 300 - 400mm. The gun distance is too small, the injection pressure is too large, and the reaction force is large. The coating is prone to uneven coating and the spray width is small. The coating is too local, the coating is too thick. The gun distance is too large, the spray pressure loss is large, the coating is easy to fall off, and the spray size is too large, which causes the coating material to be sprayed too small, and the coating cannot reach the thickness requirement.

Through the above study, I hope everyone knows more about spraying. If you want to know more about painting, please pay attention to us.

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