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What should be paid attention to when the powder coating equipment is operated in the powder spraying room

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Powder spraying is a key process in the spraying production process when working in the spray booth. The key to the surface quality of the sprayed workpiece lies in the control of various process parameters during the spraying process. Powder output and atomizing air are two key technical indicators.

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Before the formal powder spraying, you can try spraying several times. At this time, you can observe the size of the powder amount and the uniformity of the powder distribution at both ends of the spray booth. In addition to the process parameters, the spraying equipment should also pay attention to these when operating in the powder spraying room.


What should be paid attention to when the powder coating equipment is operated in the powder spraying room


1. The position of the spray gun


The spray gun should maintain a certain inclination and be biased towards the direction of the workpiece. The spray guns should be arranged vertically and parallel, and the end parts should be kept in a straight line. There should be no overlap between the spray guns. The upper and lower spray guns should be positioned with powder It is advisable to cover all workpieces.


2, fluidized air pressure control


The function of the fluidized bed is to use the airflow to make the powder form a proper fluidized state, the hand feel is similar to the state of liquid flow, and the detection of fluidization to a full state, the simplest operation is: when the powder is stirred by hand or a stick , No resistance is felt. Fluidization is convenient for powder to be sucked into the tube. Under the action of accelerating wind, the effect of atomization is produced. Insufficient pressure or excessive pressure will cause insufficient fluidization.


3. Recycling of powder


The powder adsorbed on the surface of the profile only accounts for about 1/3 of the powder output of all spray guns. There are more powders scattered in the spray booth. The recycled powder must be mixed with the newly added powder in an appropriate ratio. The effect is better, so the powder should Recycle and reuse in time.


4. Sealing in the spray booth


Powder is easily polluted by suspended air from the outside. After powder spraying, the surface of the profile is prone to flocculation or shrinkage, which will affect the flatness of the profile surface after baking. Therefore, the spray booth should be sealed to prevent the intrusion of pollutants.


5. Control of fluidized air pressure


      The residual powder in the trachea should be cleaned up in time. If it is not used for a long time, it is easy to agglomerate, and the powder is prone to spit out, which affects the spraying effect.


6, spare powder bucket


is used when changing powder, which can effectively improve labor efficiency. Dust-proof and moisture-proof maintenance of the spare powder bucket must be done to ensure the quality of the remaining powder in the powder bucket.

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