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A Brief Introduction About The Curing Heating System

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Curing Heating System.

Drying curing furnace is mainly a baking curing temperature environment for coating, hot air circulate in the oven heating, high thermal efficiency, furnace temperature equilibrium, to save energy. Heat source can use electricity, coal, oil, gas, choice of biological particles and so on widely.

Oven insulation layer USES the aluminum silicate cotton or rock wool, the mechanism of forming, assembled on plate shape; Oven structure tightly, solid and durable, good insulation sealing; Heating up fast, small temperature difference, energy-saving effect is remarkable; Scope of its temperature, holding time, heating speed, automatic protection can be arbitrarily set program; With simple operation, stable operation, fully automatic control, without the personnel unattended; Widely used in the drying and curing of all kinds of products.

Commonly used heating mode and features:

1)  The electricity heating equipment cost low, use cost is high, no pollution.

2)  Fuel heating equipment cost slightly higher, use cost, slightly polluted.

3)  Coal-fired heating equipment cost is low, use cost low, pollution is serious.

4)  Particle heating equipment cost is high, the cost is low, there is pollution.

5)  Gas heating equipment cost in general, the use of lower cost, no pollution.

Curing Oven System

Bridge type curing oven

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