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Auto Parts Powder Coating Line

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The automatic powder coating line of the automobile rear baffle robot adopts the suspension chain conveyor line, which conveyed the rear baffle to every process without manual delivery.

Hebei Hanna Metal Technology Co. Ltd is a professional production of high quality auto parts powder coating line, powder coating equipment, coating equipment,gas tunnel furnace, curing oven, industrial oven, UV curing machine, high temperature oven, large  room, the robot system integration, high-temperature atmosphere furnace, high and low temperature etc.

Tracking and step full range of spraying and coating production lines are widely used in automotive trim, household appliances shell, 3C electronic products into operation. Powder spraying is a charged particle of powder. Under the action of electrostatic field, it is adsorbed to the surface of the workpiece and solidified to form a coating. The electrostatic powder coating can improve the working conditions of the workers because of the absence of solvent, and will not cause the pollution of the atmosphere. Because the powder can be recycled, it improves the utilization rate of raw materials, reduces the cost of material consumption, and has better coating performance, better acid resistance, alkali resistance and salt and corrosion resistance than paint film.

According to the needs of different users, we can design and produce non standard automation equipment which meet the special technological requirements for Industry and laboratory.

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