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Automatic coating line's paint booths configuration requirements

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Automatic UV coating line's paint booths dynamic 10,000 levels, the dynamic 100,000 levels in the cargo channel, paint booths, paint booths, paint distribution room shall not be arranged in any electrical cabinets, control boxes, cable connectors / plugs and other devices that may generate electric sparks, and in each paint booths, paint booths Combustible gas concentration alarms (centralized control) are installed in each paint booths and spray booths, and explosion-proof lamps and switches must be used for lighting in all lines (within the maximum length and width of the lines).

Automatic UV coating line All fans adopt "C" type that is belt-driven type, direct axial fan needs to be explosion-proof fan, paint booths exhaust fan requirements for the brand, size not less than 7 #, air volume not less than 15000m3 / H, with frequency Adjustment, to provide conditions for speed reduction and consumption reduction, fan noise is not higher than 75db. air supply set primary, medium and high three, filter size for the market standard size, air supply and exhaust placed to the same floor (1 floor) outdoor, air supply filter box width needs to be set within 3 meters (only 3 meters outdoor placement area), need to ensure that at any point, the spacing between the goods and goods and other devices is greater than 80 mm, paint The maximum shaking of the workpiece in the booths should not exceed 20 mm.

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 The paint booths workshop should be convenient for maintenance, paint booths, sink, water tank for cleaning oil, set enough access windows for cleaning of the line, UV section, drying section has enough space for cleaning, maintenance lamps.

 paint booths exhaust gas emissions in line with the relevant national standards and "air pollution prevention and control regulations and air pollution emission standards (II)", and by the local environmental protection department review and certification, exhaust gas emission treatment facilities and testing and certification work, the supplier is responsible for the completion of this as the automatic spraying equipment acceptance Necessary conditions.

The bearings on the main chain and jig must be high temperature resistant bearings, all heating and VU section cables must be high temperature resistant cables, and all cables must be in cable channels or conduits. The precision filter (oil and water removal) and pressure reducing and stabilizing valve of the compressed air configuration on site will be provided and installed by the seller.

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