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Automatic spray coating anti-cracking and anti-shock test instrument specifications

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Anti-cracking experimental instrument

The automatic spraying coating anti-cracking experimental instrument is mainly used to test the crack resistance of the coating coating and the putty layer after drying, and observe the thickness of the crack after drying of the coating film to determine the crack thickness of the coating.

1. Initial dry crack resistance testing machine

In the initial dry cracking test wind tunnel, a test plate parallel to the air flow direction is placed. After the axial flow fan is started, the wind speed is adjusted to 3±0.3 m/s by the air volume control device. Place the painted test plate on the test frame in the hurricane cave. Adjust the drying control time according to the product requirements. After the time is up, stop automatically and visually check the surface of the test board for cracks.

It is suitable for the initial dry cracking test of architectural coatings and indoor and outdoor construction putty under the specified wind speed conditions.

Equipment includes: axial flow fan, test wind tunnel, test panel and air volume adjustment device, timer, anemometer and so on.

2. Dry crack tester

It is mainly used for the determination of initial cracking resistance of multi-layer architectural coatings. The instrument uses axial flow fan to supply air, and the fan can be steplessly regulated. It is suitable for GB/T9779-1988.

Total instrument power: 100w

Fan wind speed: 3±0.3m/s

Anemometer: 0-10m/s

Controller: 240mm*210mm*350mm

Weight: 24KG

Dimensions: 1000mm*300mm*350mm

3. Dynamic anti-crack tester

By making the substrate gradually produce fine cracks in the specified area and controlling the crack development slowly, the cracking of the putty layer is observed, and the maximum crack width of the putty product against the substrate is judged.

Anti-stone impact test equipment

The automatic coating of the stone resistance test, also known as the stone chisel test, is a special test technology developed for the automotive industry due to the special needs of the automotive industry. It simulates the ability of sand and stone to impact the car's coating during the driving process to test the film's ability to resist stone strikes. This test is actually a comprehensive test of impact, friction and adhesion.

Test principle: The system will stipulate the shape and mass of the alluvial material to the coating film sample at a certain speed, and evaluate the stone attack resistance of the coating film according to the number, size and depth of the spot damaged by the stone.


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