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Automobile Auto Powder Coating Production Line

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The automobile auto powder coating is the most representative in automobile painting with the characteristics of complex process, many working procedure and high quality of coating.

An industrial robot capable of automatically powder coating or spraying other coatings. In China, several types of powder coating robots have been developed and put into use, and good economic results have been achieved. The powder coating robot is mainly composed of the robot body, computer and corresponding control system. The hydraulic driven painting robot also includes hydraulic oil source, such as oil pump, fuel tank and motor. The 5 or 6 degree of freedom joint structure is adopted. The arm has larger movement space and can do complex track movement. Its wrist generally has 2~3 degrees of freedom, and it can move flexibly. The advanced painting robot wrist adopts flexible wrist. It can bend and rotate in all directions. Its action is similar to human wrist, and it can easily extend into the interior of the workpiece through smaller holes, and spray the inner surface.

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